System Upgrades & Modifications

After years of service, many companies request that we retrofit their existing equipment from other competitors with Vita’s superior designs and performance enhancing features. If your equipment is experiencing diminished performance and is no longer producing the profit margins it once used to, or your company has the need to perform new applications that your existing equipment cannot perform, then it is time to take a look at what Vita has to offer.
We offer a wide range of system upgrades and modifications that provide your existing equipment with the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and versatility it needs. 
Some of our System Upgrades and Modifications include:
  • Equipment Capacity Upgrades (Rate and / or Pressure)
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Retrofiting Mounting Configurations (i.e. Bodyload to Trailer)
  • Installation of a Vita Burner and Heat Exchanger Package
    • Manual, Semi-Auto, and Fully Automatic Vaporizer Control System                                      
    • Exhaust Stack (Standard & Retractable)                
    • Low Rate, Low Fuel Consumption Mode
    • Can Work With Pressures Up to ≤ 15,000 PSI             
  • Winter Package Upgrades:
    • Engine Oil Pan Heater
    • Coolant Heating System 
    • In-tank Heating For Fuel, Hydraulic, and  Lube
    • Battery Warmer
    • Extreme Weather Insulation
    • Overnight Heating Package w/ Convenient Plugs and Battery Charger
  • Fully Integrated Data Acquisition System
  • Customer Specific Upgrades and Equipment Requirements
Contact us today to see how we can help to create your company's competitive advantage.

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