Coiled Tubing Equipment

Vita's Coiled Tubing Equipment can be used in uncased holes, and does not require a wellhead attachment. The CTU’s serviceable design is easily maintained, and allows various size tubing for different applications and well depths.     

Equipment Specifications
  • Pull Rating: ≤ 40,000 LBS (18,150 Kgs)
  • Well Depth: ≤ 10,000 FT (3,050M)
  • Tubing Diameters: 1 - 1.75 In (2.54 - 4.45 cm)
Equipment Options
  • Custom Color and Paint Specifications
  • Winterization Package Options
    • Battery Warmer
    • Engine Oil Pan Heater
    • Coolant Heating System
    • Extreme Weather Insulation
    • Overnight Heating Package w/ Convenient Plugs and Battery Charger
Equipment Performance Enhancing Features
  • Hydraulically Controlled Mast Eliminates the Need for an Onsite Crane
  • Remote Control of Hold Down Rollers Which Can Allow the Passage of Tubing Couplings and Down-Hole Tools
  • Rig-up & Rig-down In a Matter of Minutes
  • Superior Serviceability
  • Composite Groove and Hold Down Rollers Significantly Decreases Surface Wear on Tubing
  • Injector Tubing Straightening Device Erases Tubing Bending Memory, Minimizing Helical Tubing Effect In Well
  • Requires Only Two People for Operation
  • Significantly Reduces Learning Curve for Ease of Operation

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Vita’s N2 systems are the result of two decades of research and development, and are engineered to optimize operational performance. Each unique piece of equipment has a wide range of customization options and performance enhancing features that provide our clients with the latest technology to achieve maximum capacity, efficiency and reliability.

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