Frac-Water Heating Equipment

The Hyper-Heater offers the most comprehensive solution to heating large volumes of water. Its name Hyper-Heater was derived from its ability to heat up to 1,050 GPM (25 Bpm) with exceptional efficiency. This piece of equipment demonstrates Vita's capacity to engineer fit for purpose equipment for the oil field service industry.

The Hyper-Heater produces 45 Mbtu/h which makes it the largest mobile water heating unit in the world. Operators can heat larger volumes of water, more degrees, and in less time which dramatically increases productivity and profitability.

The Hyper-Heater
  • Eliminates the use of propane
  • Utilizes diesel which is readily available at every well site
  • Has a proprietary fuel / air mixing system that promotes clean fuel combustion
  • Requires less time and resources
Equipment Specifications
  • Flow Rate: ≤ 1,050 GPM (25 Bpm)
  • Output: ≤ 45 Mbtu/h
  • Heat Transfer Rating: 38 Mbtu/h (Request Information)
Equipment Features
  • Mounting Configurations
    • Body Load
    • Trailer
  • Multiple Insulated Storage Compartments
  • Body Load Configuration Promotes Unmatched Maneuverability in the Field
  • Dual or Single Burner and Heat Exchanger Package
  • Manual, Semi-Auto, and Fully Automatic Burner Control System
  • Secondary Air Tank For Purging Connecting Hoses Reducing Water Loss Upon Job Completion
  • Insulated Operators Cabin
    • Heater
    • Body Load Configurations Come With A Full Sleepers Cabin
  • Advanced Winter Package
  • Fully Integrated Data Acquisition System w/ Fuel Consumption Totalizer
  • 1,000 - 2,500 Gal. DOT or TC Certified Diesel Tank
Equipment Performance Enhancing Features
  • Up To Two 22 Mbtu/h Burner and Heat Exchanger Packages
  • Advanced Winter Package Designed for -40˚F (-40˚C)
  • Redundant Safety Features and System Shutdown Protections
  • Rugged Design and Rubber Mounting of Most Major Components
  • Superior Workmanship, Reliability, and Equipment Safety


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Vita’s N2 systems are the result of two decades of research and development, and are engineered to optimize operational performance. Each unique piece of equipment has a wide range of customization options and performance enhancing features that provide our clients with the latest technology to achieve maximum capacity, efficiency and reliability.

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