Maximize Return On Investment

Vita’s mission to be the highest quality provider of industrial and oilfield service equipment is not limited to product performance. The ultimate goal is to maximize our clients’ ROI. These are some examples:
  • Our direct fired heat transfer systems offer up to 84% heat transfer efficiency; the highest in the industry. These systems are equipped with Vita's proprietary fuel / air mixing technology, which achieves unparalleled efficient fuel consumption and lower emissions to the atmosphere. Years of test data collection and performance enhancements have led to the production of a consistent and reliable product that is proven to lower operating costs. These systems meet the thresh hold of "best available technology" in areas where emissions are measured and strictly regulated.
  • Our flameless heat transfer systems offer further reductions in fuel consumption and utilize superior technologies to effectively transfer more heat from a flameless source to various liquids and gases. Vita's patented Quad-Phase heat exchanger, proprietary "dynamic loading" feature, and unique open-loop hydraulic circuit achieve the objective of safe operation in restricted areas, reducing training costs for operators, and promoting longer lifes of components.
  • Vita’s Dual Mode System showcases both of these technologies in a single nitrogen unit. It offers the flexibility to operate as flameless or fired system, or collectively. The combination of both Vita heat transfer technologies effectively reduces fuel consumption by ~ 40%.  
We design our equipment to enhance our clients' ROI. We achieve this objective by utilizing superior technologies to create cost saving opportunities, thus enhancing our clients' competitive advantage.

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