Product Development & Customization

Vita has developed versatile heat transfer technologies that can be easily adapted into many different products for various liquids and gases. Our success is contributed to our management teams quest to achieve excellence in engineering by remaining at the forefront of product development for service equipment in the energy industry. We exist to service a dynamic ever-changing industry, and we understand our roll as a solution provider. 
Vita's sales representatives and engineers carefully evaluate your equipment and application requirements. Our objective is to provide engineered fit-for-purpose equipment for your company. Our process starts with conducting an initial review of your requirement; then we evolve your requirement into detailed design drawings and perform all necessary engineering calculations. From there, we go through a critical design review process to address even the smallest details before releasing it to production.

Vita specializes in designing mobile heat transfer equipment in the following areas:
  • Liquid Nitrogen (Ln2)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
  • Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
  • Gas Hyper-Heater
  • Water Hyper-Heater
  • Glycol Heater
Other areas of equipment expertise include:
  • Ship To Platform, High Pressure Fluid Transfer
  • Intermediate Coiled Tubing Units

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