LNG Regasification Equipment

Equipment Specifications (Patent Pending)
  • Vaporization Rates: 18K - 300K SCFH (510m- 8,495m3)
  • Pressures: ≤ 3,000 PSI (207 Bar)
  • Temperatures: 40˚ F - 90˚ F (5˚ C - 32˚ C)
Equipment Features
  • Trailer Mounted Configuration
  • All Weather Climate-Controlled Operators Cabin
  • Operators Cabin Complete With Class 1 Division 2 Instrumentation & Control System
  • Adjustable Setpoints for High & Low CNG Temperature Shutdown
  • Adjustable Setpoint for Overpressure Shutdown
  • Fully Integrated Data Acquisition System
  • Redundant Safety Features (Request More Information)
Equipment Performance Enhancing Features
  • Small Environmental Footprint
  • Complies With all the Requirements of NFPA 59A
  • Can Be Positioned 10' away from LNG Transport Trailer During Operation
  • Redundant Gas & Flame Detection Systems
  • Generates Heat as Needed to Accommodate any Given Flow Rate
  • Independednt Boost Pump
  • Independent of Climate Unlike Ambient Vaporizers - DOES NOT FREEZE
  • Ability to Overcome Pressure Drop Over Long Distances Promoting Maximum Flexibility in Unit Positioning
  • Rugged Design for Extreme Offroad Conditions
  • Superior Workmanship, Equipment Safety, and Reliability
  • Multiple System and Engine Shutdown Protections

LNG Unit Brochure — Download PDF

Vita’s N2 systems are the result of two decades of research and development, and are engineered to optimize operational performance. Each unique piece of equipment has a wide range of customization options and performance enhancing features that provide our clients with the latest technology to achieve maximum capacity, efficiency and reliability.

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