Environment & Safety

The continuous development of environmental and safety concerns have led to an increase in operational standards for the energy industry.

The following are ways that Vita promotes environmental and social responsibility:
  • Our Burner and Heat Exchanger package emits ~ 30% less GHG emissions to atmosphere than the typical diesel fired burner
  • Vita's Dual Mode system consumes ~ 40% less fuel by combining both of Vita's heat transfer technologies
  • Several shut down safety features are included to optimize operational safety for operators and the equipment itself
  • All equipment is designed to meet US and Canadian gross vehicle weight, weight distribution, and emissions standards
  • Every unit is produced according to Vita's ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality management system
  • Each product is methodically tested to ensure complete operational functionality, quality and safety prior to customer acceptance
  • Data books including material test reports, certificates of compliance, and inspection / test reports are available for all equipment upon request and kept on file for a minimum of five years
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